I’m movin’ out! (Cue the Billy Joel)

First, for you sad people who don’t understand the Billy Joel reference, listen to this gem!

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I suppose I should say that at this point, I’ve actually already moved out. I have a one bedroom apartment in technically Indianapolis (but it’s like ten minutes from my parents’ home so certainly not downtown Indy). I moved in this past Monday and things are coming along rather nicely. My car has taken many trips back home l grab things (it’s a super tiny car) and probably 75% of the things I’m taking with me are in my new home (most of the things I don’t have with me are clothes).


my car was packed after a late-night shopping trip for food and other essentials!


the finished entryway!


bookshelf in the living-dining room space


dining area (yes, there’s only one dining chair currently)




freezer is stocked!


main living space

As you may have noticed, there are a few rooms I haven’t posted pictures of: my bedroom and bathroom. My bathroom was just refinished so I can’t put stuff in there really so it’s all piled in my bedroom. And I’m also still sleeping in a sleeping bag until we get a truck for my mattress and couch! But those are the next areas I plan on tackling. Pics soon! 🙂



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