As I sit on my couch watching Sex and the City, the girls talk about soulmates and whether or not they exist. At various points in my life, I’ve thought both: that soulmates exist and that they don’t. During the girls’ conversation, the following question is (very briefly) brought up: are you enough?

It got me thinking about the different meanings of “enough.” Am I enough for me? Am I enough for my family? Am I enough for my friends? Am I enough for the guys I like–and what about my future spouse? But the one question I should be asking myself is: am I enough for Christ? Thinking about this reminds me of one of my favorite verses.

Galatians 1:10 reads, “Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God?” (NIV)

Why should we try to conform ourselves to fit society’s view of worthy, of beautiful, of deserving? Even moreso, why should we try to fit ANYONE’S picture of who we should be? That being said, in most areas of my life, I do tend to gravitate towards doing whatever will make the other person happy. And while that could sound like a good thing, it isn’t always–in fact, that is ultimately one of the biggest reasons why my last relationship ended. It is so tough for me to try to put myself first and to be who I want to be. After that last boyfriend and I broke up, I had to seriously step back and figure out who I was–not who he and other former boyfriends and crushes had wanted me to be.

So who am I now? I’m a cautious yet caring, more independent (holla, new solo apartment) gal who dyes the underlayer of her hair crazy colors and got her first tattoo in May.

So Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha: I believe in soulmates but I believe in loving myself and Jesus first. Jesus deserves the love and the effort. Any man who wants to pursue my heart will need to understand that I am His first and his second.

You and I are enough for Him and that is what matters.


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