“So what is it you’ll be doing?” – Haiti 2016!

As I’ve announced on a few different social media platforms, I have accepted a job in Haiti! Here are some answers to some questions I’ve been asked (and some I’ve asked myself).

“So what is it you’ll be doing?”

Essentially, I’ll be co-managing a guesthouse in Port-au-Prince (PAP) for American volunteers. It’s actually the same guesthouse my group and I stayed at the night before our flight home in 2013. Daily duties include guest communication and hospitality, making reservations and room assignments for guests, keeping the gift shop stocked and helping guests with purchases, and assisting with tracking expenses and income.

“Why? Just why? Are you insane?”

I just might be. I think that everyone’s a little crazy, and if you don’t admit it, you’re just all the more crazy. Besides all of the tangible perks (flights, a monthly stipend, and room and board) there is the biggest perk of all: a chance to explore not only a country completely different from my own, but also to explore who I am! I’m not settled down or attached to anything really, and now is the time to put myself first (that sounds selfish, but that wasn’t my intention) and do what I love: helping others. And I don’t think I could be any more excited than I already am.

“How did you get this job?”

The job is through the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas (PTPA). My friend Michelle tagged me in a Facebook post about the position opening. Michelle had held the position from June 2013-June 2014 (which included when my group was in Haiti), so having that connection definitely gave me a huge leg up!

“How long will you be there? Is this like a permanent thing?”

It is a minimum one-year position. I can always extend that, but I’m thinking it’ll probably be just one year (my boss back home would murder me if I stayed any longer!). My first flight is at noon on New Year’s Day and I can’t think of a better day or way to start my New Year! While the position itself is a one-year position total, it will be split into four three-month segments. Every three months, I will come home for a little bit (due to visa requirements and because the PTPA is super cool).

“Are you scared? You have to be at least nervous, right?”

Honestly, I’m not really scared–but there’s still time for that! I guess if anything, I’m probably just a little nervous about being away for that long. The longest I’ve been away from my family and friends was eight days…when I was in Haiti last time. Other than that, Bellarmine, but I had tons of friends there (who were practically family anyway) and BU was just two and a half hours away, not a few flights away!

“What about your apartment? And job? And LIFE?”

My apartment leasing manager let me out of my lease early–thanks, Pat! The Fresh Market will have my job as front end assistant manager waiting for me when I’m back every three months and when the year is over! As for my life? I think I’ll be okay! 🙂

Some closing thoughts:

-If spending eight days in Haiti (okay, I think only six were actually in Haiti) left me with a ton of memories, pictures, and hope, I can only imagine the impact a year will have on me!

-I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do this. Maje, maje, MAJE thanks to God, my family, my friends, Theresa, Michelle, Charlie, and Brooke!


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