How do you explain love?

In my experience, there is no more confusing a subject than love. It is used so frequently that the meaning of the word itself has become diminished and not nearly as meaningful and genuine.

So here are some questions, that I’m struggling with. Presented along with these are my general thoughts on them. I’d love and any all responses and/or advice!!

  1. What is love (true romantic love)? Because I sure as hell don’t know.
  2. [How] is it possible to love someone (truly love them) but not be in love? Is there a difference? How can someone say “I love you” but give up on that person? To me, real love is a sacrifice and can overcome anything!
  3. Do you think love ever goes away? Because from my experience, you can be so mad at that person for breaking your heart but simultaneously know that you love that person and always will.
  4. How do you recover from heartbreak? Heartbreak sucks! It’s an unbearable pain. As a self-described flirty person, I WANT to move on! I’ve been asked out on dates a couple of times but I’ve backed out each time out of fear. Fear of being used, fear of being lied to, fear of heartbreak, fear of being judged, etc.

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