At 22 years of age, I’ve had my heart broken in more ways than I can count. It’s been an incredibly painful journey of recovery for me and those I’ve confided in (slash cried to). No one should ever feel used, unworthy, or unloved. I DESERVE MORE. In a move that’s completely unlike me, and a move that I’m not sure I’m totally proud of, I’ve decided that I will be saying what I want to regardless of how it might make a guy feel. If a guy likes me enough to want to date me, he should be more than willing to wait for me, too. I DESERVE MORE. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve done things I regret, but they’re mine and I accept them. I’m using them as learning points. For once in my life, I’m putting myself first. The main thing I’ve learned from the heartbreak and depression is that I DESERVE MORE. I deserve happiness, trust, respect, and, most of all, I deserve love.
And so do you.


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