I’ve lately been getting into the idea of taking risks and being bold. Not to say I haven’t taken risks in the past, but I’ve been intentionally making more bold decisions than I think I had before. These moves can be small or huge–it just depends on you and the situation. I made a list at the beginning of the year of things I wanted to accomplish. Not so much a list of New Years resolutions, but for me, it was mostly as a way of moving on from a bad breakup by giving me a distraction. While not everything below was on that list, they were all accomplished, I’m happy to say! Bold moves I’ve taken over the course of the past year include applying for and accepting a position in Haiti (huge!), saying “yes” to a date I normally wouldn’t accept, getting a tattoo, dying my hair fun colors (oodles of hair colors happened in 2015, let me tell you!!), moving out, working on a nutrition coaching certification, and finding my personal style (as my friend has described it, “girly class with a touch of edge”). Here’s to more bold moves in 2016–this is a personal lifestyle change and not a one-year commitment only!


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