One week left in the States for now!


So I officially fly out to Haiti in one week. I have my clothes packed and that’s literally it so far (I know, it’s terrible). I still haven’t done a single thing with regards to cleaning out my apartment, and it’s not like I can procrastinate much longer! But in the meantime, it’s just past three am and I can’t sleep. So I thought I’d reflect on this week left!

Work has been crazy busy (for example, today/yesterday/Christmas Eve, I’m pretty sure I legitimately RAN, as in not walked, a solid mile–I have the foot pain to prove it thanks to awful shoes and the pounding on the concrete floors) but I love it. Thinking about leaving such an incredible company is so sad, especially since my coworkers and customers are like family to me. They’ve been so supportive and kind to me over the past year or so! As much as I’ll miss them, I know I’ll be back and I plan on Facetiming with them from time to time. 🙂

Despite working in retail, the Christmas season still remains my favorite. There’s just something about the joy that radiates. I will admit, though, that it doesn’t seem like Christmas as much without the snow! Here’s hoping for one last big snowfall before I leave!!

I’m trying to mentally prepare for Haiti, but I’m not sure how entirely possible that is. What I’m really trying to do (which one of my best friends told me to do when I first asked him about the Haiti opening) is trying to separate my past experience with what I’ll be doing. As much as I LOVED Haiti, I won’t be doing the same thing I did on my mission trip, I won’t be with the same people (or even anyone I know at all), and I won’t be in the same part of the country this time. He recommended I try to keep those memories close, but not hold those as the expectation. There are hundreds of memories still to be made in the upcoming year!!!

One last thing: if you want to see more photos, quick updates, etc, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be your best bets. I’ll still be updating this on the reg, though! I also will be checking my emails on a regular basis!


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