Why I’m a “yes” girl

So anyone who knows me knows that I hate saying “no” to people because I don’t want to disappoint or hurt them. And while that may be honorable or whatever, sometimes it ends up driving me insane. Take work, for example. Okay, not this job, but my other job at Fresh Market. I feel like I’m always taking on other jobs and tasks because I don’t want to let my bosses down. I feel like I’m sometimes the “go-to gal” because I’ve been in so many departments and done so many different things for the company…and they know this. I’ve even (jokingly?) been called the slut of the company because I’ve been everywhere and done everything in a year or so (thanks, Bri). Always saying “yes” oftentimes means that I’m overloaded with responsibilities, and frankly, sometimes it would just be easier if I had the guts to say “no” once in a blue moon.

But the more I think about it, I think that sometimes saying “yes” can end up bringing you on the biggest adventure of your life. For me, it’s being here in Haiti for a year. Had I let my sensible side get the best of me, I would’ve been more concerned with work. But my fun-loving and Haiti-loving side only wanted to say “yes” with as much enthusiasm as possible. And I am so thankful for it! I remember one Monday night in October I was at my weekly Adoration hour and I saw this flyer for an upcoming retreat left in one of the seats. It said something along the lines of, “will you say yes?” And at the time, I didn’t know a thing about the Haiti position, but I remember thinking, “yes, Lord, whatever you want of me.” And shortly after that, I received a message about the Haiti position. He is so good!! That was one of many God-incidences that I’ve experienced, and I’m so grateful for those moments when I’ve noticed His hand on my life.

To conclude, saying “yes” has hurt me before–heartbreak, stress, and lack of a social life (or the opposite–not enough academic/work time), but I also know that I have learned from every mistake I’ve made…and trust me, there are many. I’m a “yes” girl because without saying “yes,” I wouldn’t be on the amazing adventure I am right now, and I wouldn’t know half the people I know now. Saying “yes” can lead to incredible opportunities–so take them. Just say “yes” every now and then!


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