Things I’ve learned about…packing.

So I’ve been in Haiti a week now. YAY! It’s gone by pretty quickly and I’m still in love with this place as much as I ever have been.

If you’ve read any previous posts (or Tweets, in actuality), you may know that I didn’t exactly pack ahead. Most of it was shoved into bags the morning I left (my bad). As a result of this last-minute packing, I forgot a number of things. Please don’t be like me and procrastinate packing this much! Otherwise you may find yourself forgetting some of what I did:

-hair brush–LOTS of finger-brushing is happening, and that still doesn’t even compare!
-not enough shampoo or conditioner–it could be worse though, and thankfully guests have left some mini travel size ones so hopefully it’ll work?
-flip flops or sandals–note to self, my brother’s old Sperry’s aren’t exactly appropriate for the fancay Masses here. These people get dressed up to the nines every week–like Easter Sunday nines!
-hair ties–I’ve been using rubber bands. They work, but still aren’t the same as the actual thing.
-feminine products–YIKES. NOT SOMETHING GOOD TO FORGET. Let’s just say lots of layering and tricks until I can get to the store!

I think that’s it so far? There are some things that I forgot but aren’t essential, so I’ll grab them once I go home. Such as:
-laundry detergent tablet things–there are some things I just want to wash myself in the sink
-laptop and charger–thankfully there are some I can use here, but I still want my own for my room and personal things. I feel kinda uncomfortable blogging and being on Facebook in the office!
-cash–didn’t bring a lot of cash, but it’s not the end of the world. It’d just be nice to have more for gift shops and such!
-more skirts and dresses–thankfully, I know a group who’s coming from my church so I’ll try to have them bring a few for me if they have space! (BIG shoutout to OLMC/Glen!)
-more coloring books and colored pencils–huge hits with the kids and college students, too! And me…just saying.
-soccer ball–a great way to bond with Haitians or guests out back or at the soccer pitch next door!
-more books–I’ve gotten through probably half of my books already! There are some here though so I’ll be good. And I purchased a few on my phone so I can read on the go with that (which I enjoy more than expected)
-dry shampoo–I love this stuff!

So what have I learned? PACK AHEAD AND DON’T BE LAZY. Make at least a basic list and stick to it. I normally pack lightly, but when you’re going away for this long, it’s better to overpack than underpack. Note to self. The good thing is I can go home and switch out what I have and/or grab more stuff. Also, solid basics are everything. Solid shirts, skirts, etc are perfect because I can mix and match flawlessly. A great way to extend my wardrobe so I don’t wear the same thing everyday.

Peace out.


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