Beautifully Tragic

So on Tuesday I went to Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity baby orphanage in Port-au-Prince. I went with two guests who hadn’t been and it was my first time there as well. We were driven there and walked the twenty minutes back, and totally managed to get lost coming back (so for us it was more like 45 minutes–woops). As soon as I walked into the first room, there were cribs (probably about 40) with adorable babies, most of them about a year old probably. Some of the babies had AIDS and some were malnourished, but they were all so precious. When you go there, you can hold them, rock, them, and feed them. I was drawn to this beautiful little girl named Christina and picked her right up (she stopped crying immediately) and sort of bounced her on my hip for probably fifteen minutes. When I could tell she was getting tired, I held her in the “typical” rocking a baby position for another couple of minutes. It was then that I realized she hadn’t been wearing a diaper! Woops! No accidents though, thankfully. 🙂

Then I moved to another room where the kids were a little older–probably three years old or so. As soon as they saw me, they put their arms up and called out “mama” towards me. I just started crying at that. It was so powerful, emotional, sad, joyful, and hopeful all at the same time. What really impacted me about it was that for the past few years, I’ve been feeling as if God has been calling me to adopt. So just hearing them cry out, “mama!,” to me just broke my heart.

It was beautifully-tragic, as Haiti seems to be in general. It was most definitely a heart-wrenching experience, but I think it was also my favorite one.


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