My favorite thing.

So I’ve been here for not even three weeks, but I already know without a doubt what my favorite part of job is. I’m SUCH a people person, and I LOVE being able to chat with people. It’s fascinating to see what makes their hearts beat and to hear about the different adventures and missions. The purpose of the trip is always interesting, but what makes each individual person have passion for this place and the people is just awe-inspiring.

I’ve met people who have been here 22 times over the course of like a dozen years. A man who has spent a total of three out of the past five months here on a solo adventure to see Haiti and do what he can to help out in the mountains (which, by the way, the mountains make up like 2/3 of the country, but many guests who come by just say they’re going “to the mountains” which always makes me smile a bit). Probably a total of two dozen people I’ve met had come right after the 2010 earthquake–as soon as they were allowed to fly in. I had a 98-year-old blind and basically deaf man come with an assistant to check on a clinic and many other buildings he had funded. I’ve had college students talk with me for several hours about the various situations and impacts that they had experienced (a number of the students have inquired about my position and about if they’d be able to do this someday, which made my heart leap with joy). I’ve had hugs and e-mails from probably 95% of the people who have stayed here and I’ve gotten to know.

I have gained so many stories and new friends in such little time, and I can only look forward to seeing what lies ahead! God is SO good!


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