Things I’ve learned about…beauty.

The other day, I went to Petionville (a wealthier part of Haiti) and was stunned. I had seen incredible views in the country before, but these views were more than I ever could have expected. I sent a few pics to my friend Pat and had a “wow” moment where I realized something. Why should I not have expected this kind of beauty here? The people are gorgeous with gorgeous hearts. The music, art, and culture in general are so lovely. Even in the rubble and dust, the hope and joy is so evident. The views are definitely the prettiest views I’ve seen in my life.

Beauty is more than just the physical looks of a place, person, or thing (aka a noun, bringing it back to first grade English class). Beauty is something that floors you, that makes you step back and ask yourself, “wow, what did I ever do to be so blessed with this?” It’s the dimples, the laughs, the colors, the sounds, the love. It’s absorbing everything around you, knowing you might never get this chance again and not wanting to let it go. And, oh man, how I love this beauty. I don’t remember what I wore a week ago, but I remember who I saw and what we talked about. Sure, I remember what I wore on prom night and a select few other nights, but honestly? I don’t remember a single piece of clothing that I’ve worn on the days that have changed me the most. That’s the beauty of it. In five years, that shirt won’t matter, nor those fake eyelashes, or that fake tan you paid fifty bucks for. But in five years, you’ll remember that fun time you went parasailing in the Philippines, the awkward day you gave all of yourself to your love, and that awesome night you saw your favorite band live.

Beauty is more. Beauty is more than the magazines, TV shows, and media in general will tell you. Beauty is living and experiencing all you can.


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