Haitian time

They are days when everything goes according to plan, and more often, there are days when Haitian time is in full effect. And I really hate Haitian time!

Example: Group needs to leave for the airport at 5:30. Their bags are already in the van and they’re ready to go. But the driver doesn’t show up until 5:50. Spoiler: group makes it to the airport and gets through security and such minutes before boarding their flight.

Example: Group is supposed to be at the bus stop and start boarding between 6:00 and 6:15, so they decide to leave for the bus stop at 5:30. The driver gets here at 5:55, and they start driving at…you guessed it…6:00. When they’re supposed to be boarding their bus. The bus stop is like twenty minutes away. Not sure yet if they’ll “make it” before their bus leaves, which will set everything (most importantly their medical clinic) significantly behind.

And those are just two examples.

Ugh. Lord, grant me patience…and them, timeliness!


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