Things I’ve learned about…living with no regrets.

“Vivere senze rimpianti.”

“To live without regrets,” in Italian.

I’ve loved this quote for years, and was reminded of it just a few hours ago when I stumbled on a video on my Facebook newsfeed. We are clean. Regrets don’t have to tie us down.

Think about your biggest regret, if you could only choose one. While I do have many regrets, some are bigger than others. My mind drifted immediately towards a series of related regrets, but I still haven’t been able to choose only one relating to that situation. I won’t disclose the situation, but in some ways, my regret was saying yes, and in others, it wasn’t saying no–but not saying yes at the same time.

In the immortal words of Elsa, let it go.

Now think of all the accomplishments and things you’ve said, “yes” to. This list of accomplishments and such came flooding in. I’ve done so much that I never would have been able to if I’d held back. I said yes to Haiti! I said yes to a relationship that changed my life both positively and negatively, but even the negative aspects have taught me lessons. I said yes when I signed an apartment lease that frankly, I probably wasn’t ready for. I said yes to job promotions.

As I said above, I haven’t settled on my biggest regret, but it for sure is related to a specific situation. Not all regrets are saying, “no.” Some regrets are from not saying, “no,” or saying, “yes.”

Whatever your regret is, your slate is clean. Brokenness isn’t an objective state, it’s a view, and you’re the decision-maker on whether you’re broken or not. You are loved. (Also, this totally took a different turn than I originally anticipated.)


4 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned about…living with no regrets.

  1. sangriastainedlips says:

    I’ve been talking to my friends about my next plan. And all of them said, travel when you can because you’re never going to regret going places you’ll only regret not going. It’s definitely good advice as I take my next steps.


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