I’m a huge fan of food! The Haitians here might not know it, but it’s true. They’re always telling me, “Plis!” “More!” Which  I know is totally part of the Haitian hospitality and culture, so it doesn’t drive me crazy but it does make me giggle each time. Not that me giggling is a rarity by any means…

Anyways, I’ve said before that I’d do a separate post about the food, so here goes nothing!


 In addition to toast, cereal, fresh mango,  and of course plenty of strong Haitian coffee, we have a rotating menu with what I call an onion omelette, pancakes, French toast, other fruits in addition to mango (watermelon or pineapple normally) and hard boiled eggs with tomatoes. The onion omelette thing is boooomb–for sure my go-to for breakfast!


For lunches, we typically have rice and beans or leftovers (which I’ll take over the former any day of the week). Nothing too exciting!


 Soupe Joumou/Giraumon – pumpkin soup with goat, squashes, potatoes, veggies, noodles, and so much goodness. Haitians eat this on Independence Day (January 1–also my first day here!) because when they were slaves to the French, they were forbidden from eating it because it was a delicacy and the Haitians (and their palates) evidently weren’t sophisticated enough. This is totally one of my favorite soups!

fish stew

chicken legs

potato soup

Bouillon – vegetable soup with simple dumplings. My other favorite meal here–which I find pretty funny since I’m really not a huge fan of soups back home even, but go figure  I love them here!


baked cheesy pasta


plantains–big fan of the fried, not a fan of the boiled. Ick.
basic salad
 rice and beans with a variety of sauces
 fresh veggies–normally a mix of green beans, carrots, and beets (which are growing on me…you’re welcome, mom)
garlic bread
fried potato puffs–basically the gooiest mashed potatoes ever fried into puff balls
 “Haitian french fries”–essentially a mix of mashed potatoes and seasonings put into a stick-ish shape and fried. Can’t go wrong with that!
 baked mashed potatoes–sooooo cheesy, sooooo good
avocado wedges–let me tell you, the ones in the States taste NOTHING like the ones here!
wilted greens–typically kale or spinach



So big news! After watching the most horrifying video ever, I decided on the spot that I wasn’t going to eat meat again. I quit cold turkey (excuse the irony) which kinda sucks because if I was back in the States, I’d totally want to go for the Big Ugly at Bub’s as a last hurrah. Not gonna lie. I’ve only gone like 60-some hours without meat, but it’s a start! So basically no more meat for me! I refuse to contribute to the nastiness any longer.


3 thoughts on “manje.

  1. peggyhogan says:

    Excellent post. I was also a vegetarian right around 25-27 (although actually a pescatarian is the real name, since I ate fish.) Actually, it was hard to get the proteins and I pretty much quit when I was pregnant with you since protein is pretty important when a baby relies on you for it. They used to say a rice/bean formed a complete protein. So make sure you are getting your proteins and take a B12- since it comes from animal products and is essential. You might get it from eggs and dairy…not sure. Can’t tell you how excited I am that you like beets! they are super yummy with goat cheese on a salad with a lemon olive oil vinaigrette. Everything looks yummy!


    • abbyrhoade says:

      Hey mom! Really? I don’t know if I knew that! Yep, lots of rice and beans here! No shortage of that whatsoever. Haha I bet–but I still crave that root vegetable hash from Bub’s Cafe with beets, potato, rutabaga, etc!


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