Month Two.

Two months down, but it still feels like I just got here. And yet in some ways, I feel like I’ve lived here forever. Here’s what I was up to in February!

-wrote up employment contract…in French. I’ve written plenty of contracts and legal documents, but that was a new experience in itself
-sipped rum punch by the pool at a local hotel (Visa Lodge)
-watched the Super Bowl (and was disappointed)…on a related note, the Haitians laughed at me for my intensity
-had way too much fun on a moto to Kenscoff and saw some gorgeous scenery and people!
-went vegetarian! Woohoo!
-read this incredible piece–give this a read! Interesting (to say the least) in multiple ways.
-had my first Ash Wednesday Mass in Haiti–and received ashes twice! At that morning Mass and at a service a guest priest offered at the House that evening!
-went to a block party put on by SOIL at Parc Izmery (the soccer field next door)…so much dancing, soccer, and loud music in general! So fun!
-also, I toured SOIL a few days after their block party–this organization is doing some crazy things! Pretty neat stuff going on at SOIL!
-played some card games with college students and stayed up way past my usual self-imposed bedtime of 8:30 (that’s another post in itself)

Onto more adventures!


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