Never in my life would I ever think I would write “DnD” let alone know what it refers to: Dungeons & Dragons, the hit role-playing video game that’s been around since 1974. Whaaaaat.  Anyway, so there’s this group of high schoolers staying at the House for most of the week. This morning at breakfast, a conversation about personality types, zodiac traits, and the like was brought up (I have no idea how). One of the guys asked me if I’d ever taken the moral alignment test. I said I’d never heard of it, but it sounded fascinating. He said he first encountered it in DnD, and I knew what he was referring to.  So  I went to my love (aka Buzzfeed) and sure enough, typing in “moral alignment” did the trick: I found a quiz. I took it and here was my result:


And I’m totally happy with my result, if not a little surprised I’m not more of a lawful neutral–I like to think I can be a free spirit. But whatever!

Basically there are nine possible moral alignments: lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good, lawful neutral, true neutral, chaotic neutral, lawful evil, neutral evil, and chaotic evil. In DnD, the first six (the good and neutral alignments) are used for player characters, and the three evil alignments are for villains in the game. More details on each of the moral alignments can be found on this website where I retrieved the vast majority of the information found below. That same website has a detailed quiz, which gave me the same answer as the Buzzfeed one: I possess a lawfully good moral compass.

Lawful Good
-acts as a good or person is expected/required to act
-opposes evil and has the determination to do something about it endlessly
-searches for truth
-truth, life, and beauty matter the most to her
-big believer in laws and order

Neutral Good
-devoted to helping others
-without bias
-must be some regulation and organization
-values both freedom and law-following
-sees some laws as being too restrictive
-sees too much freedom as possibly being a bad thing
-puts life and freedom above everything else

Chaotic Good
-follows her conscience
-doesn’t care what others think of her
-paves her own path
-believes in goodness
-doesn’t care about rules
-hates intimidation
-doesn’t always agree with society
-free spirit

Lawful Neutral
-holds herself to a higher standard
-follows laws, traditions, and/or a personal code
-believes organization is necessary, whether good or evil organization
-keeps her word

True Neutral
-does what seems to be a good idea
-thinks of good as better than evil, but may not be personally committed to striving for or upholding good to the degree a lawful good person would
-neutrality is important to the neutral good person–good and evil are too extreme
-without prejudice
-sees all sides, and weighs both equally
-could be indifferent as a result of seeing both sides

Chaotic Neutral
-follows her heart–does things on a whim
-puts herself first
-dislikes authority and rules
-would have to be particularly motivated by good or evil in order to do something like interrupt an organization
-unpredictable but yet not completely random

Lawful Evil
-creates her own moral code without thinking (or caring) about who it hurts
-cares about tradition, loyalty, and order (“lawful”)
-doesn’t care about freedom, dignity, or life
-not compassionate
-would like to rule, but it still okay serving
-condemns others based on race, religion, etc
-reluctant to break laws or promises (goes back to the “lawful” part)
-honorable in her own right

Neutral Evil
-does whatever she can get away with
-sees no point in following laws, tradition, etc
-not restless
-doesn’t have the love of conflict
-may commit evil just because she can
-pure evil without honor or variation

Chaotic Evil
-does whatever her greed, lust, or general hatred lead him to do
-violent and hot-tempered
-vicious and unpredictable
-wants all she can get
-committed to spreading evil and madness
-completely self-interested

Take a test, whether the Buzzfeed one or one on the website I retrieved information from. What are you? Do you agree? Comment below!



4 thoughts on “dnd

  1. Kat :P says:

    I got Lawful Good. Not too surprising but I would say that my main focus would be the good. Not necessarily following the rules. Because I would bend them if it were best for that person.


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