I apologize for not posting anything lately–I simply haven’t had anything come to me that seemed “big enough” to bother posting. My Twitter feed though has had a few things (mostly basketball, yep, my bad–GO BLUE) so yep, if you’re feeling like I don’t love ya, check it out.

Anyways, so I was inspired a few hours ago thanks to a group from Hope College in Holland, Michigan (woop woop Michigan and woop woop Hope–shoutout to my cousin/best friend/love/future MOH, Emmie, who goes there!). I was fielding some common questions when the conversation turned to journaling. Now, I’m a big journaler and I think I always have been. My favorite thing about journaling is how God will just move me to write and when I look back at what I wrote, I’m always like, “okay, now where the heck did that come from!?” I kinda just lose track of it and my heart comes first-which I’m totally all about. So I told them that I always end my prayer with “overflow” or “overflow in me,” both of which I found in Matt Maher’s song “Overflow” at my freshman year Destination Jesus retreat (which was the retreat that completely changed my life). For I think the first time, someone who wasn’t on that retreat knew the song and pulled it up on her computer and we both started singing and dancing obnoxiously, and eventually the rest of the group joined in. It brought so much joy to my day! Such a beautiful thing to experience. So simple, but so meaningful to me. This song and word, “overflow,” has made such a great impact on me that I have it tattooed on my left shoulder blade. It actually says “debòde,” which is Haitian Creole for “overflow”–it’s funny how God works that way! My tattoo is actually the cover picture for this post (the pic is one of my favorites to this day and I took it the same day I got the tattoo!).  But because WordPress hates me and I suck at finding words to Google and get what I’m looking for, I don’t think you can see the full pic, so it’s below also. Again, it’s one of my all-time favorites so I like it a smidge. 🙂


I once wrote how much “overflow” means to me, and I still agree with every word.

The mantra that has absolutely transformed my life for the better is “overflow.” Overflow was the theme and theme song (Matt Maher!) for my freshman year’s Destination Jesus, the retreat that completely changed my life. “DJ” is a Catholic high school retreat offered by my diocese, the Diocese of Lafayette. Before going on DJ, I was going through the motions (in terms of my faith life) at best. I signed up with a friend and ended up having a total blast with a bunch of people I now call friends. I can’t pinpoint what exactly spoke to me and allowed me a conversion of heart, but I know with absolute certainty that that is exactly what happened–He opened my heart to Him and all of His Love. While my faith journey hasn’t always been the steadiest, I have grown so much since DJ, and look forward to what He has in store for me! Because “overflow” was the theme song and theme of the retreat, “overflow” has stuck with me ever since. It draws me back to where I need to be–walking with Him. He is my constant. I have meditated on what “overflow” means over the past seven or so years, and what I keep coming to is “overflow in peace, overflow in grace, overflow in hope, overflow in love, overflow in joy, overflow in truth, overflow in strength, and overflow in faith.”

Overflow in me, my Lord.


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