trying to embrace the picture I paint

I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I just didn’t have anything worthwhile to say (although that’s also subjective). That isn’t to say that I haven’t had anything exciting going on, but I haven’t had anything that I can go on and on about to make a sufficient post. But here goes nothing…

So the biggest thing (which is actually probably the main reason why I didn’t have a lot going on to warrant a large post) is I had a mild case of malaria for about a week. I left Palm Sunday Mass early because I thought I was going to faint (I pass out, it’s what I do 😉 ). I came back to the House, slept a bit, and woke up sweaty. I thought it was just an overly hot day. Which it was, because it’s been getting warmer over the past week or so. But then Monday came and I felt super lightheaded and hot (to the point of which I had sweat running down my face after a few minutes of sitting down). I once again drank some ice water and slept. I heard the dinner bell and dragged myself out of bed to lead prayer. I was about a verse into it when I “got sick” (to put it lightly). That was that–bed again. Over the next 24 or 48 hours, I developed more symptoms: lightheadedness, nausea, diarrhea, fever, and feeling incredibly hot and sweaty. It took until Saturday for them to clear, so I was out all week just feeling gross. I actually hated it the most because I wasn’t like visibly sick (except I was sweaty and more pale than usual), I just felt awful. Oh well! Now it’s done, it’s in the past, I’m moving on. 🙂


Back in Indy, holidays are never the same. Some holidays we spend just the five of us, others with neighbors (s/o Lisa V!), and others with family. This was the first holiday that I remember that I wasn’t with my family for–even in college, I’d go back for Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. So I went to Mass with Rose (who brought along three American friends–one married couple and a man–who work at the Embassy here), then she and I went to the American couple’s home for lunch and hanging out. We stopped by Eagle supermarket on the way, where we picked up a curry rotisserie chicken, black forest cake, and some fixings for homemade sides.  All in all, we feasted on the chicken, mashed potatoes, baked beans, green bean casserole, and cake while sipping wine and Prestige. Then Rose, Sandi, and I went upstairs to look through some clothes Sandi didn’t wear. We both grabbed a few items–YAY MY CLOSET HERE FINALLY HAS COLOR! Yellow AND red! Okay, and I grabbed a black dress, too…but improvement!

All in all, it was a beautiful Easter! I hope you can say the same! 🙂



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