month three.

Okay, so I leave Haiti (for just like a week and a half) in three days, and I can’t believe that I’m a quarter of the way through this year. How is this possible? While some days make me want to pull my hair out, this place and these people are amazing!

March highlights:

-toured and hung out at Papillon Enterprises/Apparent Project/Clay Cafe–SO COOL. Papillon/Apparent Project provides employment for roughly 275 parents who (prior to working there) would have been at the poverty level where they may have had to place their children into orphanages (it is very common here that “orphans” in orphanages actually have parents–I heard as many as 86% of the kids at Mother Teresa’s have parents). Clay Cafe is a great hangout place with awesome smoothies and a super chill atmosphere. Both are definitely worth checking out in person, but if you can’t, online will give you some great stuff, too (including an online shop with items like the mugs pictured above)!
attended Easter Sunday Mass with Rose and a few Americans then had a lovely lunch with them afterwards
-was diagnosed with a mild case of malaria and conquered it a week later. (related: learned that apparently when a Haitian says she bought you crackers, she actually bought you Funyuns)
-budgeted…on my own, with no one asking me to (slowly on my way to adulting). Fairly certain my dad has never been prouder.
-got back into yoga–so happy!
-had both March Madness brackets (dream and realistic) bust in the first round of 64. NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS AT ALL.
-decided to sign up for a half marathon trail race in July in Indy…because I’m crazy.
-reunited with an old friend I had met on my last trip to Haiti!
-packed my bag and set my travel outfit aside (on a related note, am I the only one who tries to look good when traveling?)
-made plans to grab my fave pizza (Greek Tony’s, you are the bomb) and beer with my dad once I land (it’s the important things). And hey, that night it’s the finals for March Madness, so even more important!
-discovered the most addicting show: Orphan Black. Right on up there with Criminal Minds!
-taught myself QuickBooks–making my dad proud!

Aaaaaaand that’s all for now, folks! There will probably be another post before I leave, but that’ll prob be it til I get back to Haiti two weeks from now.


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