catch up.

So I went home for like a week and a half–hence the lack of posts–and it was a glorious week and a half back in the States! I stayed in the Carmel area for the majority of it but spent the weekend in Louisville with Pat.

-draanks on draanks with Kat (including while hot-tubbing…booyah)
-ate WAY too much food–wings, pizza, gooey butter-drenched breadsticks, and burgers were all heartily enjoyed (so much for that vegetarian thing–I suppose it was too much for me to ask to go vegetarian without having a “last [meat-filled] supper”
-checked out my old stomping grounds (aka Bellarmine)
-crashed on Pat’s couch while watching comedy stand-up videos late into the night/morning
-saw my friend Taylor in a hilarious play (“Squirrel Lake”)
-celebrated my mom’s birthday early–her birthday is actually today! I made from-scratch key lime pie for her (her favorite)!
-caught a soccer game with Josh after wandering downtown Indy with him all day
-introduced my dad to Prestige (Haitian beer) while watching baseball (perfection, in my opinion)
-ran through Cool Creek–my favorite trail was closed off by a fallen tree from a storm a few days before I went home  😦 😦 😦
-bought Luke Bryan tickets for Liam and I for this summer…and was promptly tackled by him before I was even able to get out of my car

While parts of it I’m sure sound mundane, every bit of it was a blast. I didn’t how much I had missed “normal” things (like plays and even working) until I went back home.  God is good!!


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