A LUSH Love Letter

Dear LUSH,
With your sense of humor, quirky personality, fearlessness, environmental responsibility, well-developed ethics, and overall kindness, you have my heart.
I admire your virtues and mission–in particular, I’m a big fan of Charity Pot and the philosophy behind it. Living in Haiti for the majority of 2016, Charity Pot really hits home for me. Not only is it a miracle worker for my skin (rough feet!), but the mission-oriented giving is huge to me. There really is a Charity Pot cause for everyone–it was difficult for me to choose, but eventually I went with The WaterWealth Project because the water issue here is huge. I’m all about bettering society and the world, and I truly believe in little things having a huge impact. A little awareness can certainly go a long way. My other favorite product is the shampoo bar. God bless the genius who came up with this concept!! I switch between a few scents (gotta keep people on their toes, ya know?) and am pleased with all of them. The ease of use, lathery (dare I be cheesy and say “LUSHious”?) goodness, variety of amazing scents and gorgeous colors, and above all, the portability and cost-effectiveness, have me addicted. Trying to bring enough shampoo to last me three months before returning to the States again is a nightmare, but you have once again solved my problems.
Thank you for your wonderful products and incredibly customer service (the ladies at Keystone at the Crossing Fashion Mall have been lifesavers). I keep raving about you guys and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I look forward to my next trip to LUSH in July!

Forever yours,



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