month four.

So sorry this is late!!! The internet has been, shall we say, unpredictable as of late.

How is it that I’m now a third of the way through this year? That’s not okay.

April highlights:
went home for a bit and became addicted to LUSH
-on my way back to Haiti, I had a long layover in Atlanta…eight hours long. Passed by talking to a Catholic priest I’d met there! 👍🏼 And having a beer or two didn’t hurt either. 😜 I definitely was no where close to being drunk on a plane though (sorry, I’ll take any excuse to pull this one out).
-my boss Theresa came for four days so we went to a few different hospitals in Port-au-Prince and “in the countryside” (I hate when people say this because most of the majority of Haiti could be considered the countryside–but in this situation it works because we really did go all over). PTPA (the organization the House is operated by) is associated with a clinic about halfway from Port-au-Prince to Jeremie (so on the north coast about halfway down the west peninsula) so we were getting some ideas for Visitation.
-was incredibly lazy for the most part–definitely isn’t a highlight but it’s so true. Guest numbers have been diminishing due to the heat here and also the rain, which basically stops daily life here.
-watched the NFL Draft…this should come as no surprise. I see big things coming for my Pats and even my beloved Lions (who will be fighting an even steeper uphill battle due to Megatron’s retiring 😦 😦 😦 )

Here’s to May!


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