I turned 23 yesterday!

I woke up at 4:45ish (had to get people on their way early) then hung out til lunchtime when we had a little party. We were celebrating the four staff birthdays in May. We had cake, champagne, and a little dancing–so much fun! My boss Theresa is in town and she even brought me black licorice–one of my favorites!

While this video below isn’t of my coworkers singing, it shows exactly what the song sounds like. It’s pretty simple, as one might expect given the song is a tad repetitive.

Frantz asked me a few times what I was doing that night and I basically just shrugged and said I had no plans. Liam called me and that was nice surprise! But then “PeaceCYCLE Rose” came over and I went back with her to her place to hang out and have a mango (/spontaneously-themed Noah’s Ark) party with her and a friend. So much fun! I ended the night by hanging out and drinking wine with the three guests we had then I FaceTimed my family then Lizzy called me and we talked til like almost midnight ha! It was a wonderful birthday!!! Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! Here’s to 23!



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