month five.


…excuse the above freak-out (although I definitely can’t promise it’ll be the last)

Anyway…you know the drill! Here’s what I was up to the past month!

-welcomed Gemini season ♊️♊️♊️♊️♊️
-…which of course included celebrating my 23rd birthday a few days into Gem season!
-on said birthday, a friend told me I was featured on a Buzzfeed post (and yes, I totally realize how incredibly sad it is that this was a highlight of May) (I was #11)
-decided on my next haircut, courtesy of my would-be bestie, Rachel Green (although it’ll be a while til I get it–I’m going to get that when the year is up! I wanna see how long my hair will be…at this rate it will be VERY long!).
-FINALLY bought a gorgeous painting I’ve had my eye on basically since I arrived here in January–I was unable to pick it up all the other times! -met a new buddy, Alison, who has spent a few days here so far and will be here for a little under two more weeks, coming in and out of the House. We have SO MUCH in common and literally talked from 6pm til 1am one night!! NONSTOP.
-purchased some new PeaceCYCLE apparel for Liam and I to share–yay for reppin’ small businesses!
-experimented with makeup (and pretty sure I failed at eyeliner)
-took a GIGANTIC leap of faith and began the process of looking for professional assistance and clarity…that’s all I’m going to say, but I’d appreciate prayers and good vibes (✌🏼️) as I try to discover “me” and learn to appreciate my journey (as incredibly cliché as that all sounds). I’m pretty proud of myself actually 🙂

(It was a slow but great month! Thanks for following!)


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