prayers and good thoughts please

I would like to reach out and ask you to please keep one of my dear friends, Lainey, in your prayers and/or thoughts. This girl is 21 and has been in the hospital since May 21. After a couple of days of tests and procedures, they figured out that she had a spinal cord stroke and acute spinal cord infarct. She has gone from bright, enthusiastic, vivacious kind-hearted Lainey to a strong but pained woman (now doing so much better than a week and a half ago). She started off with paralysis in her arms and legs to beating the odds–doctors thought she would be quadriplegic, but she refuses to let that happen! She’s had movement in her fingers and legs (although her right side isn’t as willing to move as her left side–so prayers for that, please) and has even been able to sit up and walk with assistance. She’s making great strides, both literally and figuratively, but has a long road of recovery, including going to a rehab facility in New Jersey. ANYWAY, if you could PLEASE keep Lainey, her amazing family (who has truly been like a family to me more times than once, particularly including nearly a whole school year and summer), and all of her loved ones in your thoughts, prayers, vibes, anything and everything, I would SERIOUSLY appreciate it!

(and thank you to Em and everyone else who heard me cry about this–you rock)

I know we aren’t as close as we once were, but you’re still my sister and that won’t change. We’ve gone through a lot, both good and bad, but certainly what I remember are the (often hilarious) good memories–prom, singing and dancing at the Glee 3D movie, GV, Dyar’s piano class, retreats, Cow Appreciation Day, driving (ugh that Ford Taurus! The Mini was so much fun though!), snatching [disgusting] coffee from the teachers’ lounge, TSwift, and so many more hilarious moments with you (including a number of memories I can’t exactly make public…if you need a refresher, let me know, girl!). I look forward to making so many more memories after your recovery! I wish so badly that I was able to be there by your side and helping your family, but I know God has me here in Haiti for a reason. As I told your dad a week ago, the Haitians and I are keeping you in our prayers, including intentions at Mass. Your dad said you were hoping to spend a week here this summer, and he and I aren’t giving up on that yet–who knows, maybe I’ll see you? 🙂 If I don’t see you here, I’ll definitely see you when I’m back in the States in July. Love and miss you, sis!



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