they say it’s (almost) your birthday(s)

Anyone who knows me probably knows who Liam is–or at least by name. I talk about this kid all the freaking time. He’s my rock, my confidant, my partner in crime, the Ross to my Monica, and frequently my date (we go on “sibbie dates” whenever possible, even if it’s just us going to Starbucks or as much as us going to a concert). He and I are frequently seen making silly faces and dressing up–we do a ton of stuff together. He’s the man. For his birthday I have Luke Bryan tickets (he squealed and freaked when I told him) and I’m also going to take him out to get some fancy sushi (one of his favorites). Love this kid.

Well, I have another bro I admittedly don’t really talk about. Riley. Well, Riley is an…interesting…guy. We don’t really talk (just different personalities and interests, ya know?) but when we do talk and actually get along, it’s good (although it definitely is rare). He’s kind of the black sheep in my family. But I guess he can be a cool cat…errrrr sheep? Whateva. We have some good memories (most of which probably involve us getting into some kind of trouble) so all is good.

Anyway…happy early birthdays to my two bros, Ri and Liam! Love you guys!! Happy 19th birthday Riley! Happy 14th birthday Liam! 


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