month six. (halfway point, whaaaat?!)

So yep, it’s officially halfway through 2016, which means this year-long adventure of saying YES is halfway over (definitely not the end of me saying “yes” though)! Still can’t grasp how that’s possible. Anyway, here’s what happened in June!

-helped unpack the shipping containers and organize the contents πŸ’ͺ🏽
-FINALLY went to dinner (at a fancay-schmancay restaurant) with my boss
-read Redeeming Love and related to it more than any other book I’ve ever read in my life! SO SO GOOD.
went back to Ti Riv for the first time since my original trip to Haiti in 2013
-said goodbye to “Visitation Rose”–she was accepted to business school at Northwestern. Bittersweet! (And how did we not get a single picture together????)
-hit the beach with 23 high schoolers who were staying at the House all week! Such a blast! (And I got a killer (good killer) trampoline burn from sliding from one water tramp to the other AND I even jumped off a cliff! WHAAAT!) -danced with said high schoolers when a band came to the House for a fun party πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸŽΆ
-checked out PeaceCYCLE’s new digs!! So excited for what is to come! -saw some familiar faces when some people from my church back home (OLMC) came down–always love that!

I’ll be heading home in a few days with no idea when I’ll be coming back–probably six weeks or so later? Mid to late August? We’ll see! I’ll try to update, but yep it won’t be as “exciting” (not that these are…). Have a good one, people!


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