let my summer break begin

I’m on the flight back to the States FINALLY!!! “FINALLY!!!” for many reasons–1) I’ve straight up missed my stateside home. 2) This flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours because of yesterday’s weather (the arrival last night got here late because of weather, and there’s a minimum amount of time that the crew has to rest for so yep)…and now they’re saying that were basically flying around in circles because there’s a storm in Atlanta and we can’t land there for now. I still haven’t booked another flight to Indy since there’s no way I’ll make it through customs and get to my gate in less than an hour (that is for sure not happening now, thanks to the circling). 3) These past three months were significantly more difficult for me than the first three months.

BUT there was a shining moment of my day! Yes, the delay sucked (especially since it’s affecting my connecting flight to Indy), BUT I MET FREAKING EVANNA LYNCH AND BONNIE WRIGHT!!!!!!! For all of you non-Potterheads, they portray Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter series. I saw them standing by the gate (the PAP airport is crowded all together) and I knew they looked familiar and the fact that the passports they were holding weren’t from the States gave me the courage to walk on up and say hi! I talked to Evanna for a few minutes (Bonnie was talking to someone from their group) and gah I’m still literally shaking with excitement. Eeeeep that makes the delay and resulting flight dilemma worth it!


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