let’s do this!!


Written on the plane from Atlanta to Port-as-Prince:

I’m aaaaaalmost to Haiti and I’m so excited! It’s been a long day (highlights include sitting in front of the most poorly-behaved child I’ve ever seen on my flight to Atlanta and being held up in Indy before I could even check in because I wasn’t the cardholder on my reservation) and I just want to be back at my Haiti home! I’m psyched to see everyone again and meet a bunch of new life- and world-changers! I brought some banana bread and brownies for my coworkers since I couldn’t exactly fit individual gifts for them. Oh well, maybe next time!

As I’ve been thinking about heading back to Haiti, I, to be honest, have been bittersweet about returning. As excited as I have been to get back to Haiti life, it was wonderful being in Indy again and immersing myself into my old life. I was (and am) sad to be leaving my family, friends, and work behind for another few months. Anyone who knows me knows I love my job, so it was pretty sad actually to put it on hold once again. But I also love my Haitian friends and coworkers who have been like my family this year, along with the many guests I now call friends. This is my last long leg of this adventure, but I know it will stay with me for the rest of my life and I look forward to seeing my friends in the future–because I will for sure be back (as soon as probably January or February to train the yet-to-be-hired replacement)!

Let this adventure continue. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I’ve been blessed with! More to come soon!!!


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