September recap.

So I’ve ditched the “month one,” “month two,” etc titles for these monthly recaps because now I’m at the point where like I haven’t been here for nine months straight, so it could get confusing (at least for me). So back to boring (although it’s not like “month #” was too innovative, either).

ANYWAYS. Here’s what I was up to!

-I came back to my other home, Matthew 25, and met it with mixed feelings. All’s well that ends well, though!
-FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, BABY. YESSSSSS FOOTBALL SEASON IS AWESOME. (And I’m totally protesting all 4 weeks of Brady’s suspension by wearing my “Free Brady” shirt each Pats game day he isn’t playing as a result of the suspension. I also read “Meeting Tom Brady” by Richard J. King–highly recommend.)
-passed out–making this the first time I’ve passed out not in Carmel (so that’s gotta be exciting, right?). Oh well, it was time! Let the freaking weird pattern continue. It’s whatever, truly.
-Aaron Carter, aka 1990’s/early 2000’s maje heartthrob celeb of “I Want Candy” (THIS video is the one that comes to mind for me, though–like Lizzie and Aaron were perfection) and “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” fame, followed me on Twitter. I think I can die happy now.
-did a self-imposed 9-day eyeliner challenge since I suck at makeup. It was a success I think! Also: in a pinch, a bent paperclip will work in place of a q-tip for makeup remover…things you learn.-danced for literally hours to Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion“–YOU WILL NOT REGRET LISTENING. And you won’t be able to merely sit and bob your head–you WILL full-on dance it out! Queen Gaga is BACK and better than ever, y’all (just like Tom Brady will be when his revenge tour starts on Sunday…whabam)!
-worked on learning a  TINY bit of ASL (because at work, there are some deaf people and I feel terrible not talking with them)

ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE: I have spent several hours total tracking Hurricane Matthew (or as my coworkers say, “Hurricane Matthew, not Matthew 25,” because the House is called Matthew 25) and will continue to track it. It is looking like a good portion of the country will be hit with category 3, and a far southwestern bit could get category 4. So, so many of the people will be affected, and to be honest, Haiti can’t take it. These people struggle on a daily basis to find food, shelter, and basic necessities that many of us take for granted. Please offer up prayers, thoughts, etc for the people of Haiti. And not just Haiti–Hurricane Matthew has already affected people elsewhere and will unfortunately continue to do so. Everyone could use prayers so please keep them in your prayers. Thank you. I’ll keep you in the loop. This is the most recent prediction I have seen, updated earlier this morning. See that red eye marker with “2 AM Tue” by it? Follow that to the right and Port-au-Prince, where I am, is the first point of land contact, not including the small island (at the intersection point of the backwards L that is Haiti). Also, apparently any point in the circle could be the “eye” of the hurricane, not just the center. So keep that in mind. Here at the House, we’ll be closely monitoring the progress of Hurricane Matthew and I’ll be having everyone sleep on the first floor just in case. Thank you in advance for the prayers.
Hurricane Matthew

That’s all, folks! Til next time!


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