October recap.

Dudes, I just finished my last full month here. I’m so torn! It feels like I just got back, but I’ve already been back in Haiti for nearly two months. And I only have like twoish weeks left! GAH. GAH FOR SO MANY REASONS. Here’s what I have accomplished in the last few weeks:

-celebrated Domond’s birthday (a day late–he hates drawing attention to his birthday and foolishly thought he’d avoid singing and such…little did he know!)
-worked on a project that I thought would take a few days but actually only took a few hours…I created a resource center for guests! One of my favorite things is witnessing networking take place here, so I figured I’d kind of attempt to spread the networking love with like-minded people. There is a business card holder for people to find local vendors, medical groups, translators, pharmacies, etc (sorted by topic). I am particularly proud of a brochure/flyer organizer, also sorted by topic–I diy-ed it out of a cereal box! All year I have been trying to promote recycling and environment-friendly practices, so there’s a bin for scrap paper (in theory, I can get the staff to put misprints, printer test sheets, etc in the bin instead of in the trash). There is some information about things for guests to do if they’re just hanging around here with nothing to do. I’m still working a bit on it–I hope to get some Haiti books for it also. Hopefully the guests find the “resource center” beneficial! -introduced a few American women (one is a Sister of Charity and the other is a long-term volunteer with her) to the fantastic creation that is Google Docs. Sister Dianne and Dawn are so precious! Yay for new friends! They also are going to stay here on election night because they “want to see how the people react” to the results. It’ll be interesting for sure!
made it through Hurricane Matthew physically
-danced my heart out to Joanne
-had an exciting (to me, at least) October 18–the anniversary of my first trip to Haiti and the 55th anniversary of West Side Story’s NYC premiere (I watch it every year on October 18th)
-did a little decorating for our Christmas section…and of course I HAD to listen to Christmas songs!!-successfully managed to avoid eating all of the black licorice I brought down with me…I saved one piece for Halloween! And a few guests brought me candy (Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, and homemade chocolate truffles) to celebrate haha
-speaking of Halloween, we brought Halloween to Haiti! A guest and I bought pumpkins and carved one into a Jacques-O-Lantern, then used the other one to make pumpkin puree for pumpkin cookies and paprika-brown butter pumpkin mash. We also roasted pumpkin seeds and I was SO proud and excited because Phaimie saw us roasting ours, then she went and grabbed the pumpkin seeds from the cook’s pumpkin (we had pumpkin soup that night, also) to roast her own! She was so proud and so were we! She told me this morning she was even looking up roasted pumpkin seeds and saw they’re quite nutritious so she said she might make them regularly!
-attempted to find someone to replace me…and I think it may be working? Time will tell!
-I was sick for about a week (well, it’s still going on…) with a dry cough, headache, sore throat, stomachache, and wheezing. Not fun, but also not the end of the world at all.
-tap-tapped to Croix-des-Bouquets, a metalworking village, with “PeaceCYCLE Rose” and two guests and picked up a few small goodies!


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