🎶 I had the best day with you today ðŸŽ¶

I leave tomorrow and I don’t know how to feel about it. This adventure has been amazing (and sometimes stressful, not gonna lie) and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I have met probably around a thousand people and made so many memories.

Yesterday, the totally cool crew at PeaceCYCLE threw me a going away party, complete with a song (with kazoos!), snacks, and gifts (an adorable banner with my name made out of the sachet dlo and their signatures, cham cham, mamba, and rapadou). It was so cute and completely unnecessary!

Today, my morning started like any other here–woke up around 5 to do my laundry, ate Memen’s awesome pancakes, and headed to the office to get some last-minute organizational stuff done. Then one member of the staff asked me if she could do my nails–that’s when I started typing this! And she even did them the same way I do my own, with the ring finger a different color–and I didn’t even tell her I do that! Pina coladas + glorious sun + mani pedi = perfect last full day here…and that wasn’t even the end of it! I went out with guests to the grocery store to grab some last-minute goodies and after dinner, they put signs up all over the kitchen saying things like “your beautiful voice and your smile will stay between us” and “we love you Abby!” The everyone said incredibly sweet things about how much they appreciated having me there, and Jacklin and Phaimie cried and it’s a miracle I didn’t then…but oh boy, I’ve been crying in secret! And as a simple thank you to the staff, I bought S’MORES! I wanted to do something special for the staff as a thank you, and figured s’mores are delicious and they’re interactive!! Plus they work well with the heat! A CAKE ASSORTMENT which I think they really enjoyed! Then they gave me a TON of beautiful Haitian-made gifts (which were completely unnecessary but appreciated nonetheless)…the gifts alone may literally fill up an entire extra suitcase! To top off the night, we took group photos and I’m so excited to get them!

See y’all back in the 317 shortly! ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

photo courtesy of Alina


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