things are about to get fishy…

…because I’m headed over to the seafood department at work! I was recently pulled aside by my manager who told me, among other things that made me feel warm and fuzzy, I am being promoted to not only key holder (aka I’ll be able to open and close the store without a manager being present), but I’m also being promoted to seafood specialist (aka seafood manager)!!! I AM SO TERRIFIED AND ANXIOUS BUT PSYCHED AND DANCEY AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! Let me break it down for ya:

-as soon as they find a replacement for me in my current position (assistant front end manager), I’ll head back to seafood to get trained by the current manager (who is moving to meat department) and my store manager (who used to work in the seafood department). I also hope to shadow a seafood specialist at another location to gain additional perspective and tips, since everyone does things differently.

-I’ve never actually worked in the seafood department officially! I’ve gone over to help when they’re busy more times than I can count, but by no means do I know even half of what I’ll be expected to. I like to think I’m a quick learner and I’ll do what it takes to ensure the best quality is provided to both our customers as well as my coworkers and company.

-I’ll be overseeing the seafood staff of about three or four people, but seafood and meat employees interlink (meat has maybe four or five?), so for many tasks, I’ll be working in cooperation with the meat manager. Our staffs will work in both departments, but will open or close in their primary one only along with knowing a little more about how things are prepared in that one, etc. I will also be doing inventories, writing orders, and making sure corporate and legal policies are being followed accordingly.

-One of the several reasons I’m being elevated to this role is to increase sales. They’ve been steady, but my boss and his boss think I can raise them and increase our numbers across the board. To do this, I’ll create goals and work on making sure some key focuses are being implemented, all while trying to not totally revamp the entire department and throw everyone off all at once.

-Another reason I am being sent there is so challenge me and give me practice for where I hope to be (which is also where my boss and his boss want me to be)…assistant store manager! Time will tell!

I’m super excited and nervous but either way, I’m ready for new things! Good vibes would be appreciated! 🙂


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